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Prisha is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Frisco, Texas. Born in New York, her passion for arts and entertainment was evident since she was a child. Her vocal skills were spotted when she sang a solo during an elementary school play and soon after decided to experiment with a music career. A trained vocalist, instrumentalist, and performer, for the past few years, Prisha has been actively performing at venues across the DFW area like House of Blues Dallas, Texas Legends and Women's NBA Tournaments, weddings, restaurants, and multiple local charity events, all the while remaining an honor's student and involved member of her community. In May of 2017 Prisha won the Runner's up award at the DFW Icon vocal competition held in Grapevine, Texas and later was awarded Best Entertainer of the Year by a judge panel at the House of Blues. Most recently, Prisha was named a semifinalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition.

Above all, Prisha considers herself a songwriter. Inspired by others' experiences, movies, literature, and her own day to day life, she considers songwriting a kind of therapy. Prisha wants her music to make people feel, to be authentic, and hopes she can connect with a larger audience in the next few years while continuing her education. Her songwriting and melodies are a mixture of styles, influenced by artists she grew up listening to like Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, Michael Jackson, and The 1975. Some of her older songs include "Lose it All", a jazz influenced slow jam, "Movie Scene", an acoustic guitar heartbreak ballad, "Plans", an electric guitar indie track, and "Chosen", an upbeat dance track. In the three years Prisha has been making writing songs, she has experimented with different sounds and styles, and is currently working with on building an EP with a more focused, mature sound.


In her latest song, "Leaving You (for now)", released in December of 2022, she embraces this mature sound as she writes about her experience moving out for college. As Prisha continues her education as a Marketing and Plan II Honors major at the University of Texas at Austin, she is excited to continue telling authentic stories, singing, performing, and making music.  Stay tuned for new music in 2024.

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